The Whispering Werewolf

Softly purrs roar

Like a cat and a dog

On a Cat Meets Dog Shore

He slips through rooms quickly

On padded tiptoes

And growls only sweetly

And just through his nose

You might catch a glimpse

And you might even shriek

But you shouldn’t be worried

He’s the sweetest of freaks


Question Mark Face

Wants to steal your face

And replace his face

With your face

Because Question Mark Face

Has no real face

Just a question mark face

Hence the name Question Mark Face

But what Question Mark Face

Needs much more than your face

Is a word other than face

To rhyme with Question Mark Face


“Hey, there, monsters.”


“Look, I think you’re cute. Really, I do.”


“You’re welcome. But, the thing is, not everyone thinks you’re cute.”


“I know, I know. But late at night, when it’s just a bit too dark, and the only thing visible is your eyes or

your claws, it’s, and I quote, ‘kinda scary.’”


“I get it, I get it. But try explaining that to a three-year old.”


“No apology necessary. It’s out of your control. But listen, we’ve got a great new place for you.”


“I know you guys, being monsters, would prefer to be in the closet, instead of out in the open on the

wall like this. Well, guess what?”


“Yup! Enjoy, and we’ll see you when you’re no longer kinda scary.”