What’s up, winter?

You can go now

Christmas is over

Snow has been plowed

We can all move on

So you can vamoose

The holiday’s over

We have no more use

For snow and for cold

And all of those things

There’s the door, winter

Would you please send in spring?


Santa’s belly

Shakes when he chuckles

Like a bowl full of jelly

Or a bag full of knuckles

Or a sack full of kittens

Or a drawer full of fishes

Or electrified mittens

Or precarious dishes

I say this because

If you couldn’t telly

Is that Santa Claus

Has one crazy belly


Santa’s hat

Is rather fat

To fit his heavy head

But you never did

Peep Santa’s lid

Because you were in bed

Cuz Santa’s cap

Knows when you nap

And when you are awake

And with that

Don’t cross his hat

Or your toys he’ll take!