Can you find the Well-Hidden Duck

Do you care to try your QUACK! Luck?

(Duck, you need keep your voice down.)

I say, can you find the Well-QUACK! Hidden

Duck? What did I just say?

QUACK! That is not what I just said.

Ahem. Can you find the QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!

Okay.  Duck? You’re pushing your luck.

I simply ask you to do my bidding

And all you need is to remain hidden.

Do you understand? Do you get the drill?

Do you think you can button your bill?

You sir? Care to try your luck?

Can you find the Well-Hidden Duck?

Just Five Million dollars gives you one try.

Where are you going? Why will no one buy

A game of Well-Hidden Duck from me?

I blame you duck, for my consumer lack.

What do you say for yourself?

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