Greetings, Quarl LaFawnge again. Today’s exhibit in the Museum of Unusual Sentences is sure to

excite: sports sentences! Namely, unusual sports sentences. Enjoy!

The ball snapped the player, whom spread like butter across the field like toast.

Swish! Said the tennis racket, as it lay bestride a sleeping polo horse.

Bowling is the only sport, aside from all of the other sports.

Watch out for my foot, soccer ball! Shouted Pierre as the ball collided with his head.

Strike! Strike! The boxer with the catcher’s mitt asked with exclamation points?

Umpires sleep in packs, like hot dog buns.

Distressed fans of rugby can rejoice! The game is finally over!

Go team go! Go to the bathroom! Hurry!

And that concludes this exhibit from the Museum of Unusual Sentences. Unless then I bid you

you bid I.

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