Hey, have you seen my dinosaur? It was right here just a second ago. Seriously, I turned my back

for a brief second, to flip my .45 over, and now she’s vanished.

Dinosaurs only listen to vinyl, you see. And this dinosaur, an Apatosaurus named Virginia,

desperately needed to hear Tell Her No by the Zombies, and I decided to hear Leave Me Be, the

B-side. It was decent, but now my dinosaur is gone. Woe. Woe!

We had a pretty good run, that Apatosaurus and I. I named her Virginia, because why not?

Here’s the thing about dinosaurs: they are party animals! Whenever we go out, the people

always shout, “Party!” And we do! We party all the time. We dance, we swim, we drink punch

and eat cake and pin various tails on various donkeys. Party food is the best for me and my

dinosaur. Little sandwiches, cheese and nuts and candy, candy, candy, candy, candy! Dinosaurs

and I love candy! In fact, maybe my dinosaur is getting candy? But there’s a ten gallon hat right

there, filled to the brim with jelly beans. Filled to the brim!

Seriously, where could she be! I’m stumped.


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