Bwah-ha-ha! Now that I have your attention, please read further.

Are you a robot? If not, are you willing to learn to be a robot, or through the use of my

supercomputer in the Grand Canyon, be turned into one?

Are you an evil robot? If not, are you willing to learn to be an evil robot, or allow me to upgrade

your programming in a most malicious manner?

If the answer is yes to any and all of these questions, congratulations! You have passed my

terrible test, and could be on your way to the opportunity of a lifetime! A lifetime full of devious

deeds! A lifetime full of atrocious acts! A lifetime full of excessive exclamation points!

I, the Nefarious Dr. Wilhelm Skreem (yes, the nefarious Nefarious Dr. Wilhelm Skreem) am

looking for an evil robot assistant to assist, robotically. With what, you ask? Let me list it for you:

-Filing putrid poisons in my lethal liquid file cabinet

-Assembling death and near death rays in my gasp-inducing garage

-Fending off fiendish foes who would dare keep me from world domination

-Light clerical work and some cleaning

If you meet the above criteria, we could be in business, robot partner! Please write to me care

of Invisible Sub-Atomic Submarine, underwater USA 50625. No fatties.

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