“Tie! My guy! How’s it hanging?”

“Long and narrow, hat, long and narrow. How is life at the top?”

“Not as lonely as they say. Not with you around, anyway.”

“We do make a great team, don’t we, hat?”

“We certainly do, tie, we certainly do.”

“Shame about cummerbund.”

“Crying shame. He was a real mensch. Still, he saw it coming.”

“And, and, and, it’s like I said, tastes are cyclical. He’ll be back.”

“Oh, you know it. Remember when hats were passé?”

“Those were dark times, indeed.”

“You’re telling me!”

“Have you met belt?”

“Not yet, but I’ve heard good things.”

“We’ll need to loosen him up, but I think he’s good accessory.”

“We’re masters of loosening, that’s for sure.’

“Too true, too true!”

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