Welcome back to the CCB List, the first of four for this month. Today, we have ten inventions nobody

should invent, as they are completely unnecessary.

1. A misting device that allows you to ingest jelly beans without tasting them.

2. A robot designed to keep you from doing your taxes until early April.

3. Underwater underpants- underpants that can only be worn underwater.

4. A bicycle with frightened raccoons for wheels.

5. Designer t-shirts that are just neck holes made of Olestra

6. Tea. Because there’s already tea.

7. A box made of holes to store all your holes. How would you know which hole is the box and

which hole is your hole?

8. See-through glasses.

9. Noisy shoes for hide-and-seek. In neon colors.

10. Cowlick Creator for perfect hairdos.

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