Welcome back, prose. Remember me? I’m Cotton Candy Beard. You’ve not been around here for a long

time. But now you’re back, and better than ever! Right? Right?

So, the goal for 2014 was to write 500 poems. I did not. Go ahead and count them, it’s not 500. Not

even close, actually. (Secretly, I pretty much knew I wasn’t going to hit that goal. It wasn’t about hitting

the goal so much as generating new poems. If I had hit 500 poems in a year, I would surprised/pleased/


BUT! I did write a whole bunch of poems, including haiku, which it turns out are super-fun to write. Who

knew I could rock the haiku? Not me, that’s who. Anyhow, now that I tried that little experiment, expect

to see lots more prose and other types of writing here. But there will be more poetry, lots more! And a

big thank you for all who started following me during this last year. Countless poetry bloggers found me

and followed me, thus introducing their blogs to me. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the fun posts to

come. Coming Soon: CCB Lists and Dialogue! Stay Tuned!

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