Welcome again to the CCB List! Today, we’re presenting for your reading pleasure a cast of richly sketched characters, fully fleshed in the barest of bones. Feel free to take them and use them in your own stories, but be warned, I might end up using them as well. We’ll see who uses them better (or at all!)

1.     A dog who writes sitcoms about dogs who write

2.     A girl who can fly and has dark hair

3.     A shadowy figure(!)

4.     A cowboy who shoots finger guns instead of six-shooters

5.     A camera that hates the world

6.     A constellation that whistles the world to sleep

7.     An ironically colorblind rainbow

8.     A cat that writes sitcoms about friends hanging out

9.     Two sisters who share false teeth

10.  A prince who won’t share his pizza

11.  A wolf and a mouse who are roommates

12.  A baseball player with no arms and legs

13.  11 pipers piping elevator music onto an escalator

14.  A bearded lady who solves mysteries

15.  Roller skates!

16.  Singing vegetables who secretly hate each other

17.  A horse terrible at math

18.  A submarine allergic to fish

19.  Vampires giving high fives

20.  An old man and a bear who are pen pals


  1. – A ghost cursed to wander the earth in search of a decent cup of coffee
    – An ironically faceblind handsomest man in the world ( LKHXLWS.TK )
    – A tarantula who likes to wear a glove in winter
    – Sci fi prequel: Resident Who
    – A penguin mistaken about the the meaning of “business casual”

  2. – A superhero / villain whose sole superpower is the ability to destroy the earth
    – A car who wants to grow up to be a bus
    – A dinosaur who walks into a bar and says “how on earth did I get in here?”
    – A wolf who finds a magical potato
    – The world’s cuddliest tiger shark

  3. – A man who learns to speak the language of horseflies
    – A princess who discovers a pea under her mattress and eats it
    – A lake monster facing an existential crisis
    – A confused alligator named Otis who carries people from floor to floor in a tall building
    – A domesticated porpoise who never learned to swim

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