Greetings, faithful readers! We’ve made it to Day 15 of National Blog Post Month, and I’m still going strong. Granted, I haven’t posted every single day, but I’ve been able to double up to make up for those days, so whoo-hoo me!

I’m not sure how many folks are reading this blog for the first time, thanks to this marathon blogging month, but welcome to you all! I hope you’ve taken the time to check out some of my other posts, because they are somewhat above average! Yay for being a bit better than normal! And other sentences ending in exclamation points!

Here’s what I love about NaBloPoMo: it’s forcing me to write way more than I normally do. Sure, maybe not everything is a work of genius, but let’s face it: the majority of it is. A work of genius. Seriously. O. Henry would be all, “I give up, this guy’s got the goods,” if he could read anymore. And maybe he can! I don’t really care.

Anyway, 15 more days of genius posts to go! I’ll check back in on Day 30 and wrap up. I’ve got some fun and surprising news in store! See you then!

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