1.     Good night, good night, sweet little Sammy.

Snuggle your blanket and put on pajammies.

Close your eyes and dream away,

We’ll wake you when it is day.

Slumber fully until the morn

Any earlier and we’ll be forlorn.

2.     The sun is gone, the moon is back

The light has left, the sky is black

You’ve drunk your milk and had your snack

Your cars are parked and blocks are stacked

Your rubber duck’s quacked his last quack

Let’s give that bedtime book a crack

And hold on tight to your stuffed yak

It is now time to hit the sack.

3.     I’m shutting off the lights now (Night, Night Sammy!)

I’m shutting off the lights now (Night, Night Sammy!)

Lay down your head, it’s time for bed

We’ll be next door, we’ll hear you snore

Just close your eyes, we’ll lullabize

I’m shutting off the lights now (Night, Night Sammy, Night, Night!)

4.     Please go to sleep! (X50)

5.     Your eyes are droopy

Your laugh is loopy

I know your plight

You need night night

So go to sleep

Go count your sheep

You need to snooze

Make with the honk-shoos

Wake’s on the lam

Sleep soundly, Sam.

6.     Rest your head on my shoulder here

And I’ll rock you to sleep

Cuddle up on my stomach here

It will not make a peep

Close your eyes and drift away

I’ll listen to your breathing

Your cares will all dissolve away

Forget about your teething

Dream your dreams of food so sweet

And lions and choo-choos

While all our dreams will be so sweet

Because we dream of you.











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