If you find yourself wandering Tibeti

You just might run into the Yeti.

He seems pain in the neckish

But he’s just real puckish

So buy him a plate of spaghetti!

If you dare to enter Haunted Home,

You better not forget your comb.

For the sights you’ll see there

Will petrify your hair

As it strains to escape from your dome.

There once was a young witch named Ginjer,

With magic at the tip of her finjer,

But more evil than spells

Were the insults she’d tell

She was really wicked with a zinjer.

Oh, a smart aleck might call them “sheeple”

But don’t underrate the Pod People

They might seem awfully square

But that’s how they ensnare

And across this great land they’ll all creeple.


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