“Howdy ho, Elephant!”

“Oh. Hi, Banana.”

“Why the long face, Elephant?”

“You mean my trunk, Banana?”

“No, you seem down like a duck in a pillowcase.”

“Well, Banana, today is my birthday…”

“It is? Why, Elephant, Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you, Banana, and let me say you are the first to wish me Happy Birthday.”

“Ah. Now I understand why you’re blue as a bear in a jungle.”

“That’s right, Banana. It’s my 16th Birthday.”

“The Sweet Sixteen! You could drive an Ele-Car now. I may need to bum rides from you.”

“Anytime, old chum.”

“I’d drive myself, but I have no arms or legs.”


“Being a banana and all.”

“But that’s what I love you about, Banana. That you’re a banana.”

“Gee, thanks, Elephant. You can’t tell it but I’m blushing. I’m a deeper shade of yellow, which is the

banana’s version of blushing.”

“That’s great, Banana. I mean every word. You’re the tops of the food pyramid in my book. Be

seeing you.”

“Oh, hey, Elephant.”

“Yes, Banana?”


“What? You were all hiding there this whole time? You, Taco? And you, Bee? And you, Surfing Lady? You were all hiding there, waiting to surprise me? This is the best birthday ever.”

“Only the best for you, Elephant.”

“Thanks, Banana!”

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