You like pajamas?


You like sandwiches?


You will love love love Pajama Sandwiches!


When it’s time for bed, and your eyes just refuse to peep further,


Lids lowering, chin to chest, but a grumbling, tumbling tummy growl.


What do you do? I ask you, what do you do?


I’ll tell you what you do, you go into the kitchen and make yourself a Pajama Sandwich!


It’s two slices of snuggly buggly sourdough bread


A little blankie bed of lettuce


Flannel pajamas


Diced fuzzy slippers


Night cap to taste


And cheddar cheese (mild, please!)


Serve with warm milk


Gobble it up as quick as quick can.


You’ll be cruising for a snoozing so remember:


Pajama Sandwiches are the thing to eat


When you want a night time treat


So throw one together and gobble it up


(And don’t forget that warm milk cup)


You will be so very pleased


And copping your fair share of z’s!



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