Look at that monkey!


Look at him go!


Who let him in the car?


We’ll never know!


Monkey in a car


Is good reason to chuckle


And you tskers don’t worry


His seat belt is buckled.


Go, go, monkey, go, monkey!


Monkey drive car!


Drive, drive, monkey, drive, monkey!


Monkey drive far!


Monkey drive across that map!


Monkey wave at that walking chap!


Monkey pop and crackle and snap!


Monkey do not take a nap!


Monkey keep a seat belted lap!


Monkey beat box monkey rap!


Monkey wears a driving cap!


Help monkey from this golf sand trap!


Hey, monkey, get off this golf course!


It’s bad enough you’re in a car


Snuck past the zookeeper’s radar


When your cage door was ajar


To take a joyride to the bazaar


To buy a slightly used cigar


But ended up with a guitar


And jammed with the band Outer Space Bar


And after that, well, here you are.


So monkey in a yellow car


The zoo would like you back once more


The patrons miss you very much


And your parents say you have your chores


So come back soon as this poem’s quite clunky


And fill this gas tank, go car monkey!




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