There was a ghost whose name was Who

He haunted through the woods.

He frightened squirrels and bunnies too

And monochrome Riding Hoods.

He’d set his white sheet glowing green

It really was quite stunning.

And he’d jump at them while shouting, “Boo!”

His victims would go running.

But now and then he’d hear a voice

Plaintively calling, ‘Who!”

That scared him more than he scared others

And he’d bid the woods adieu.

There was an owl whose name was Boo

He lived among the trees

He captured mice and stayed up late

He did whatever he pleased.

He’d shake branches and upset nests

Other birds went berserk

But Boo just laughed at their distaste

In truth, he was a jerk.

One night he heard his name called, “Boo!”

Like his mother’s admonition

He flew away not knowing that word came

From an unaware apparition.

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