There once was a soft-spoken unicorn,
Who from her native land was torn,
Neon colors her home didn’t adorn,
And less impressive was her horn.

There once was a cowardly robot,
Whose backstory was overwrought,
Inventor’s attempts all for naught,
He fled his home and now is distraught.

There once was a reckless girl of cow,
Who had to bid her old home ciao,
Transgressions she won’t disavow
But would furrow every single brow.

These three, they left their homes as fleet
as they could encourage their feet.
Apart they are rather offbeat
but now they are about to meet.

Cowgirl, in need of food and tub,
Robot, wishing he was on a sub,
Unicorn galloping from shrub
Will complete this motley club.

And yes, your collective mouths may gape
At our heroes size and shape
But before you jest and jape
Know that they will conquer the ape.

But how will they ever stop his crime?
Be it grotesque or be it sublime?
The answer to your queried rhyme
Will have to wait until next time!

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