Hola to you, and may I say how nice for you to meet me!

For I am who will be known as Carlos the Mananatee.

No doubt my tales will echo from here to Kilimanjaro

But not just yet for I am the Manatee of tomorrow.

Let John Q. Public sing the praises of Manatee du jour

You folks get a preview of the Manatee of the future!

I come equipped with state of the art stereophonic sound,

And Gore-Tex skin and scads of other features that will astound.

No need for your standard issue sweet potato of the sea.

You’ll toss them like burnt milk once you upgrade to Mananatee.

Just one quick test drive with me and you will surely disavow

All knowledge of or interest in that antiquated sea cow.

Yes, even the Pope himself would provide his imprimatur

To Carlos the Mananatee, the hottest thing in water!

And if you act now you can get a metric ton of features

Act now to take advantage of this futuristic creature!

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