One day, a man with a beard asked the snowman, “Snowman, what is your greatest wish?”

Snowman thought a moment, then said, “Well, I do love a thick and sweet chocolate malted.

And I’m oh so happy skipping merrily through a snowy meadow.

And nothing compares to a big hug from a dear friend.

But my greatest wish is to be a volunteer firefighter!” he exclaimed. “To battle the crimson flame! Douse the burning structures and valiantly brave the back drafts and save the orphaned grandmothers and their fluffy, fluffy kittens from the crumbly, crumbly homes!”

“Yes, but as a snowman, would you not melt in the fire?” the man with a beard asked. But the snowman was sniffing the air with his carrot for a nose.

“Jingle jangle, I believe I smell smoke!” he said, dashing through the snow. And sure enough, he came across a burning dog house.

“Never fear, cowering pups, I shall save you!” the snowman said. He was, however, melting in the heat of the flames.

“Snowman, be careful!” the man with a beard shouted. But it was too late. The snowman had melted into his old top hat, coal eyes and carrot nose bobbing in the pool of snowman that once was.

“Quick! Toss me at the fire!” the pool of snowman that once was said. The man with a beard did just that, and immediately the flames were extinguished.

“Oh, thank you, you saved my home,” Dr. Basset Hound said tearfully.

“Just doing my job,” replied the snowman puddle, “Just doing my job.”

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