It’s a beautiful day monster

We’re so happy and gay monster

But I feel I should say monster

Please don’t eat me.

On this beautiful day monster

We could stroll on the quay monster

Or partake in croquet monster

Just don’t eat me.

Such a beautiful day monster

Let’s play with macramé monster

Or some papier-mache monster

You won’t eat me.

Cuz this beautiful day monster

Would just go astray monster

If like some parfait monster

You would eat me.

Keep this beautiful day monster

With our worries away monster

I know I’m your prey monster

But don’t eat me.

For if you ate me, I’d be yummy,

And I’d be trapped in your tummy,

And that would be just so crummy,

So please let us remain chummy,

And please, please, please

Don’t eat me.

Thank you.

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