Gummi Bear, Gummi Bear, what is that smell?

“Let’s ask Lollipop Owl, maybe he can tell.”

Lollipop Owl, Lollipop Owl, what is that smell?

“I smell nothing, maybe Ice Cream Sandwich Trout can tell.”

Ice Cream Sandwich Trout, Ice Cream Sandwich Trout, what is that smell?

“Phew! Good question, perhaps Broccoli Cat can tell.”

Broccoli Cat, Broccoli Cat, what is that smell?

“All I smell is sweet, sweet, broccoli. Maybe Spaghetti Cow can tell.”

Spaghetti Cow, Spaghetti Cow, what is that smell?

“Let’s ask Tossed-Salad Rhinoceros, maybe he can tell.”

Tossed-Salad Rhinoceros, Tossed-Salad Rhinoceros, what is that smell?

“Zoinks! That is nasty! Maybe Limburger Cheese Ocelot can tell.”

Limburger Cheese Ocelot, Limburger Cheese Ocelot, what is that smell?

“Why does everyone always ask me that question?”

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