Penelope Antelope caused much confusication,

Because her last name fell victim to mispronuncipation.

Penelope was, without use of rhetoristic troper

One hundred fliftyleven percent pure bred anteloper.

Since she was first monikored so ununinapproposly,

It caused this entire mess o’ surnamical kerfloppolie.

But once you can coaxulate her from her shy old shellope,

You will be hypnotrancifeasted by this swell antelope.

She can crochet yarns of evil beasts and heroes all costumous,

Of swooning loons, swashbuckling bucks and undead hippoposthumous.

She’ll bake a pie, she’ll bend an ear and even solve discordre.

And she really knows her way around a cribbage boardre.

So if you chance upon her, be it by sight, sound or smellope,

You can rely upon the kindness of Penelope Antelope.


  1. Undead wildlife, my goodness! I had never before heard of the hippoposthumous, although I am familiar with the revenocerous, and of course the rheanimasus macabraque. Also, there’s plenty microscopic zomboplankton – I think it’s mostly found in the Undead Sea (which of course is a body of water in the Unholy Land).

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