When riding down pillows down the stairs,

When spinning madly in spinny chairs,

When sneaking sneaky tastes of cake,

Watch out for snakes!

If you’re popping wheelies in the dark,

Heckling chipmunks in the park,

Exploding bubbles in placid lakes,

Watch out for snakes!

Like Old Saint Nick, they’re watching you.

And the tattleworthy things you do.

They’ll fire those guns and ring the bells!

And they’ll be sure to hiss and tell.

So don’t ship baby sis to Prague,

Make smelly smells and blame the dog,

Swap broccoli with Dad’s car brakes,

Watch out for snakes!

And do be sure to walk the right path,

Cross all your T’s, math all your math,

But if you make one small mistake,

Watch out for snakes!

One thought on “WATCH OUT FOR SNAKES!

  1. Hiss and tell – love the wordplay.
    By the way, kids, swapping brocolli for your dad’s car brakes is incredibly dangerous, and not just because of snakes. In fact, you’d be amazed how few vehicles can actually be stopped effectively using only broccoli. Let that be a lesson: not only dad’s car, but uncle’s bicycle, great-grandmother’s dirt-bike, and little Timmy’s combine harvester will all be much the worse for having broccoli in place of their brakes. There is rumored, however, to be a special variety of the florety vegetable which does slow very small toy cars somewhat effectively: it is known as brakeli

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