Hello, all! Here is another set of lyrics from Nozebone the Band. Please enjoy, and remember: you can contact myself or Nick Clark for more info on the band and our albums It Is So Nice and Ouch! What Do You Do?

She drifts through streets and empty windows.
She’s looking for a red boy’s bicycle.
It’s my younger brother’s old bicycle.
Now into a store with a big window.
No bike here, she leaves into the alley.
A yellow bike there, she takes it for now.
An old grey guy rides an old red bike by.
Not the one she wants but she follows him.
They go through a door to the countryside.
Down a steep hill at the end of the hill.
The trees, some have bikes, they’re all the wrong ones.
She goes up a haystack and into the sky.
Past sirius, Orion and Tri-Star.
A really cool horse is still not a bike.
The planet Saturn has bikes on the side,
Floating, none of them is the one that she wants.
The grey old man just laughs and laughs and laughs.
They both agree to go on to heaven.
In heaven she sees light and empty space.
A ton of people ride bikes by smiling.
She goes out a window and into a field.
She finds a valentine for my brother.
“Hey I think that’s for me,” he says to her.
All the best from that guy who has your bike.
PS, Happy Valentine’s. Feel better.
He won’t smile, not ’cause he doesn’t like her.
So the old man and the bike are long gone.
She exhales, “Oh well.” and then she goes home.
He waves away her yellow bicycle.

Creative Commons License
Bicycle Song by Nozebone the Band is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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