I have a special treat for you today. These are lyrics to a song I wrote for the band I was in back in my crazy college days, Nozebone the Band. It consisted of myself and frequent Cotton Candy Beard commenter Nick Clark. If you would like a copy of either It Is So Nice, where this song appears, or Ouch! What Do You Do, which will be covered later, contact myself of Nick. But be aware that some of the songs are not as kid-friendly as the ones that will be highlighted this month. Enjoy!

There once was a man who was older than you.
He hid all his decades behind eyes of blue and
One night he climbed out the window of his room,
to escape the world by the silvery light of the moon.
His face made of leather, his hair spun from silk,
he swam in a sea of homogenized milk and
he followed the tide that the moon would dictate
from her silver podium up above in outer space.
The moon is a woman, lonely to no end.
She shines down upon us in search of a friend and
the man is a widower, swimming to shore,
to sleep on the banks made of eiderdown blankets once more.
The moon sees the man and is smitten on sight.
She sings to him lovingly late into the night, but
her voice is a light beam in our atmosphere:
The words won’t reach out to the widower for several years.
Past seventy-five years, the man now awoke,
to hear the loving words that the moon had once spoken.
The moon’s voice familiar, he looked into the sky,
to see that she had been replaced by a Dutch apple pie.
“O moon,” said the man, “I’m in love with you too.
I’m lost out at sea, I don’t know what I’m doing.”
The moon reappeared and she bathed him in light,
And they danced together alone in the silvery night.

Creative Commons License
Widower Moon by Nozebone the Band is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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