In the vast, cavernous abandoned warehouse, Trentoteps laughed a low, evil laugh. “Awake at last, and ready to claim what is my birthright! The Earth! Yes, as my dear, departed mother told me every night before tucking me into my sarcophagus, The Earth is truly mine, and all its inhabitants rightly my slaves! They will build pyramids in my honor, and sphinxes in my likeness. They will feed me figs and fan my with palms. Not their hands, but branches, which, okay will be moved about by their hands. But I am getting off topic!

“It will be here, in this conveniently abandoned warehouse that I will form my fortress and begin my hostile takeover of this puny little planet. And no one will be able to stop me. Not when I have my ultra powerful metallic fist of power. Not even- you!” And with that, Trentoteps the Space Mummy pointed his metallic finger at Vincent Fishbein, who had been sneaking sneakily in the shadowy shadows. But it was all for naught!

“You won’t get away with this, you villainous mummy. Aaar!” shouted Vincent Fishbein. “I will see to it your reign of terror is put to a stop before it can even begin. Using my anti heroics and also my supreme kicking skills. Aaar!”

“Ah, you think you can take on the might of the mighty Trentoteps, Mummy of the Moon? I laugh at your feeble attempts, feeble Earth person!” And he did, he totally laughed as Vincent Fishbein attempted to kick him and take him on, Earthling style. To Vincent, his attempts were not feeble in the slightest, but he underestimated the sheer power of Trentoteps. Within seconds, Vincent Fishbein was on the ground. Trentoteps pointed a metallic finger at him, and chanted an incantation, all the while staring deeply into his unpatched eye.

“Now, weak puny little pirate-like man, you will become my slave. You will do everything I command. You will be a self starter, willing to relocate and work overtime. You will not receive any insurance or pension, and you will never retire, until you die! Do you agree to these undeniable terms?”

“Yes, Master,” Vincent Fishbein said in a whispy, whispery whisp of a voice. Whisp? Wisp? I’m going with whisp. Or is it whysp? Whasp? You know what I mean. The point is, Vincent Fishbein was now under the Space Mummy’s power. Trentoteps had his first slave, and it was an anti hero. Would he turn on the mummy? Would he be loyal to the very end?

You guys, I totally did not see this coming. This changes everything, really. Maybe the mummy is more powerful than I thought. We could be in serious trouble. I thought Vincent Fishbein was going to be the hero, you know, redeem himself and all that. The classic story, right? But instead, he crumbled under the pressure like a Dixie cup somebody left on your chair and then you didn’t notice it and sat on it.

But wait! I almost forgot! Hiding in the shadows was Becky, the talking bird. She saw everything, surely she’ll go look for help. And yes, I’m right. There she goes, flying away to find someone to help. Trentoteps is too busy cackling over his newfound slave to notice her green wings flapping frantically in the night sky. But who will she find, and will they be helpful or evil?

I’m guessing helpful.

But I honestly don’t know yet.

This is actually getting to be kind of good.


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