Check out these clouds,

They’re really neat.

Scope out the sky,

Stop peeping your feet.

It’s a radicool way

To work out your think spot.

Interpreting cloud shapes

Like white fluffy ink blots.

That one over there

Looks just like a lobster

And it’s buying an ice cream

From a shadowy mobster.

That cloud there uncannily

Resembles mother

Chatting on the phone

With someone or other.

There’s one that appears

To be a kangaroo

In a ten gallon hat

And two fourteen ounce shoes.

That one to the right

Might just tax your noodle.

It’s the head of Ben Franklin

On the body of a poodle.

There’s a phantasm penguin

In a mystical shroud

And that one? Well that one

Just looks like a cloud.

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