You’d think it would be the general rule

That anyone with super powers was cool.

But you don’t receive the same kind of acclaim

When your super powers are completely lame.

I mean, some superheroes have the power of flight

Or are super strong and can win any fight.

Some are invisible and sneak around unseen

Some born with the elasto-stretchity gene

But of all super powers I’m stuck with the dregs

All I can do is make all food taste like eggs.

It’s not handy when you have a villain subdued

Unless he detests the taste of all breakfast food.

It’s not a skill of import I can provide,

Though I can switch from either poached, scrambled or fried.

So here I sit sadly on the sidelines, unneeded

My power unhelpful, which I have conceded.

Still I dream of the day in which I am the saver

Of a poor soul threatened by a lack of egg flavor.

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