Here’s the most fun that you’ve ever had!
And I swear you’re gonna love it, Dad!
You can do it in the day or at night!
And all you do is get yourself outtasight!

Come on, baby, you can hide and I’ll seek!
Might take an hour or it might take a week!
This is fun of the radicoolest kind!
The cat what’s hidden is so much fun to find!

Now it don’t matter if you’re bad or good!
Live in a mansion or hundred acre wood!
You could even turn out all of the lights!
Which might help you get yourself outtasight!

Come play the game that has the universe talking!
King Kong, Abe Lincoln, and even Stephen Hawking!
They love to play because they know it’s all right!
To tell somebody to get themselves outtasight!

Close your eyes and count as high as you can!
Don’t stop until you’re out of numbers, man!
Then look and look until you’ve searched everywhere!
If you can’t find them then give up, if you dare!

2 thoughts on “OUTTASIGHT!

  1. I like this poem a lot. It’s not as funny as a lot of the stuff you write, but the meter is great and it just has the feel of something that would really be fun to read aloud.

    • Thanks! The original version which I wrote a few years back (and posted to my LJ, in fact) was intended as song lyrics, which is most likely why it adheres more rigorously to the meter than some of the other poems.
      My dream is that hide and seek will become the new hipster fad, like cupcakes and flash mobs. This can be the anthem of that fad.

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