Hello, dear readers! I hope you are all enjoying the new look of the old blog. I must say, I think it’s more festive and exciting; more of what this website is all about. You know? Sure, we all do.

I also hope that you are looking forward to next month as much as I am. April is National Poetry Month, and I have eight new poems composed just for you, and anyone else you can convince to read them. They are at once tragic, hilarious, astounding, frightening, and rhyming. Enjoy!

The real news is that in the month of May, I will be providing four new installments of one of my favorite new serials, Fishy Flummoxing Snooper Spies! I will be posting these at super secret times on shocking and surprising days of the week. So keep your ears peeled and your eyes sharpened, and your wits unwithheld.

What else? Well, I don’t know what else. You will just have to stay tuned. So, do that.

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