“Hmm hm hmm hmm, hmmm hmmmmmm,” hummed Walinda Fervent, tongue tap-dancing daintily across perfectly spaced teeth, tremulous tones bouncing off pursed lips and reverberating ricochetily within her moneyed mouth. “Hmm,” she said, this time in a thoughtful, rather than melodic manner. “I just cannot recall it! What mellifluous melody has captured my conundrum-creased cranium? What sonorous song snagged my memory, enmeshed yet masked, a sad stranger in familiar frocks? What is this song? It’s on the tip of my tongue- literally! What could it be? What? What? What? Hmm hm hmm hmm, hmmm hmmmmmm!” she hummed again.
Buttling in the breezeway, brutish butler Banacek belayed his buttling, intrigued. “Why, Miss Walinda Fervent. Is that ‘Happy Birthday’ you’re humming?” he asked.
“Yes! Yes, that’s what it is! ‘Happy Birthday,’ Banacek!”
“I’m so touched you remembered,” Banacek bashfully replied.
“Uh, right. Of course,” Walinda Fervent said, covering nicely.
And so ends another Twenty Second Mystery. Join us next time for the Mysterious Mystery of the Next Mystery.

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