Oh, bonjour there. Quarl Lafawnge here yet again, with another exhibit from the Museum of Unusual Sentences. This exhibit illustrates unusual adverb usage. My favorite kind! Enjoy.

The surgeon regarded his patient underfootedly.

“Where’s my ten-gallon hat?” the Prime Minister asked mug of coffeeily.

The tree hung over the schoolyard treeily.

“Caw! Caw! Caw!” the crow crowed crowciferously.

The hitchhiker stuck out her thumb ring-fingerly.

When the clock struck ten, the room was empty, antidisestablishmentarianally.

“Here’s the hundred dollars I owed you,” little Billy said non-verbally.

The car sped around the corner hot-air balloonily.

Thank you thrice again for your patronage to, from, with and wherefore the Museum of Unusual Sentences. As unusually, I am Quarl Lafawnge.

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