In my room, I’m scared to sleep, my eyes refuse to shut.
The darkness comes and I can’t help but vamoose lickety-cut.
The issue, if you feel the need to have it diagnosed
Is the presence of a particularly terrifying ghost.
Now, not all ghosts are bad, in fact most are truly innoxious.
Or at the least too dense to not be easily outfoxious.
But this one is a real spook, from all that I could glean.
For in this life he practiced the dark art of oral hygiene!
Yes, my room is haunted by a dentist; he comes out late at night
I know this because by morning my teeth are unnaturally white!
At least in his corporeal state he cannot work a drill,
Or I might wake toothless and be forced to a diet of sludge and krill.
Though this threat is dire, in truth, it is comparatively lesser.
My sister’s room is haunted by a Calculus professor!

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