At the front of the reindeer line, Dasher
Felt the harshest stings of Santa’s lasher.
When the reindeer colludolph
To give the lead to Rudolph
It was payback for being so brasher.

If you give him more than a brief chancer,
You’ll find a real old soul in Dancer.
Take a stroll through the snowem,
And as you get to know him,
Love will blossom betwixt you, perchancer.

It really was blind happenstancer
Which led to a movie for Prancer.
But this does not matter,
As the others still chatter
And stare at him with looks askancer.

If your reindeer friends need blind date fixin’,
And they ask to be set up with Vixen,
Tell them it can be tricky
And she’s awful picky,
And most likely they’ll get the deep sixen.

Moving at the speed of a time bombit,
Is the lightning fast reindeer named Comet.
Being named for a cleaner
Does not fit his demeanor
For with him you’re more likely to vomit.

Yes, you might perceive him as stupid,
But there’s a sly smartness to Cupid.
His math’s for the birds,
But he has a way with words,
Even ones that mean nothing, like looptid.

Ever since he was a reinfawner,
Santa’s sleigh dreams had motivated Donner.
Since he’s not only spry,
But could also fly,
The conclusion was really foregoner.

While most ponder prior to commitzen,
The same cannot be applied to Blitzen.
Others fear for the worst,
He dives in head-first,
Like Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Spitzen.


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