Whoa! So, so, sorry, dear Cotton Candy Beardos. I’m not exactly sure how the Nefarious Dr. Wilhelm Skreem was able to hijack my blog, but thanks to the natural curiosity of clones, we seem to be back online and up and running and all that. Word has it, from Dr. Gertrude Steinway, that he and his clone self were last seen in a dinghy in the middle of Lake Colvig, fighting over the last oar and the last slice of cheeseburger pizza. So, we won’t be hearing from them anytime soon. Or will we?

Anyhow, the badder news, bears, is that we are now working diligently to re-secure the blog and make sure we don’t have any more interruptions like this last one. Currently, I am working on installing a brand new firewall by borrowing some of the fire from the sun, some lava from the Earth’s core and some super hot peppers from Texas. I’m also interviewing circus strongmen to stand guard and keep an eye on website from now on. So, if you know of anyone who fits this description, please send them my way. Unfortunately, due to all of this work, the website will be on hiatus until the New Year. But, look for more exciting tales and silly poems once we come back, I can promise that they will be extra good! And please please please, let me know what you think! Spam comments are about as good for you as the canned meat product for which they are named, and yet they make up the bulk of my commenting community. But, most importantly, enjoy!

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