There once was a frightening mummy,
Whose favorite game was gin rummy.
But the players all fled,
Not because he was dead,
But because his card playing was crummy.

Larry was the world’s most forlorn werewolf,
When he tried to make friends he would scarewolf.
They’d run off with a cry
And he’d sob and he’d sigh
No one there to offer a, “there, therewolf.”

Many have celebrated in song,
The life and great fall of King Kong.
But there will be a day
For poor hapless Fay Wray
Who really was not in the wrong.

You can keep your ferret and chinchilla,
For a pet, what I want is Godzilla.
If you must clean your room,
Let his flaming breath plume
And you’ll be left with just a scintilla.

A new roommate had moved in with Dracula,
As he needed a new place to shackula.
But the match was a dud,
Not from drinking of blood
But Drac hogged the entire towel rackula.

The Creature From the Black Lagoon
Was once subject of a scathing lampoon.
Now why would a feature
Spoof this dangerous creature
Who can do much, much worse than impugn?

It is quite hard to act with aplombie,
When you come face to face with a zombie.
None among us would fain
To hand over our brain,
Upon which the undead would nom-nombie.

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