Greetings, faithful readers of my website, whom I affectionately call Cotton Candy Beardos. I am writing you today in honor of a most auspicious event: The 50th Post! In not quite one year, I have made you laugh, learn, relaugh, unlearn and lunge for the back browser button in terror and joy and heartwarming…ness.
I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed Cotton Candy Beard so far, and that you’ll continue to read it, as I astound and amaze you with feats of storytelling derring-do and and web updates of unbelievable speed and agility. However, I am forced by forces which force me to be forced to stop posting for approximately one month, at which time the forces which are forcing me to be forced will force me with their forcing forces no longer! And then, I shall triumphantly resume posting.
But what, you ask your computer monitor, what will you be posting? I’m glad you asked! Once September rolls around like a log unfettered, twice a week posts will start up again, including a sure to be educational four-part series entitled The Inventions of Dr. Edgar Euphonium.In addition to that will be stories and poems and various other magillas.
Then, prepare to be spooked silly as October will be filled with tales of ghosts, monsters and other frightening folks. To save your nerves, these macabre missives will only be updated once a week, so you won’t tax your terror tarsi. As always, I invite your comments, reviews and illustrations. Thank you!

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