“Look out! Trap door! Too late!” they cried,
As the floor below me opened wide.
My sister screamed, my best friend sighed.
But they could scarcely hear me chide
As through the hole I felled-not-flied,
Like sliding but minus the slide.
No bruises yet, aside from pride,
The only thought I’ve got is I’d
Have preferred a sooner warning.

We snuck into an old skyscraper
Where a map on crumbly paper
Had led us on our daring caper.
Jewels of all color, size and shaper!
So up we climbed like a giant ape or
Guy climbing rope made of draper,
Until we reached where the building tapered.
I took a step and the ground it gapered
And I fell with (belated) warning.

As I tumble closer to the ground,
The rushing air the only sound,
My thoughts turn from fear to profound
And this is what I seem to have found:
Though your happiness may be downed
Your soul the face of a basset hound
There are many ways to rebound,
To pull yourself back on the mound,
Make like a shark, not like a flound,
Or do good deeds and they’ll redound
In ways so lavish, they’ll astound!
Just be aware, when schemes abound
You may need adequate warning.

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