“Yum!” declared Walinda Fervent, eyes squoze shut in reverent glee. “This fantastic, fabulous, fan dance-inducing fish has exploded joyously across my tongue. What flavors! What amazing aromas! And yet, it is nonetheless taunting my taste buds, mocking my mouth and insulting my I-wanna-know glands. What is this exquisite ichthyologic entrée? What course has confounded me so, I mean, what have I just eaten?” Her hands flung helplessly in the air as if releasing confetti of despair.
“Would you like some more tilapia, Miss Fervent?” her cook Cicada asked.
“Tilapia! My new most favorite food in the whole wide culinary universe is called tilapia! Tilapia! The name rolls off the tongue, sounding almost as delicious as it tastes. Why, my first-born child will be branded Tilapia in honor of this most glorious of gourmet meals.”
“Miss Fervent?” Cicada asked again.
“Yes, I would like some more tilapia, please.”
And so ends another Twenty Second Mystery. Join us next time for the Stunning Secret of the Shirt Stain.

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