Can you keep a secret? Beverly the Sea Serpent can’t. What she can do is make one terrific chicken pot pie. So, don’t tell her about any surprise parties, but if you’re throwing a chicken pot pie party, you’d best get her involved.
Beverly would lie about her age if she could, and I’m too much of a gentleman to share it with you, but I will say she is older than any living thing by a wide margin, that includes that one librarian that seems dinosaur-ancient. She disguises her age well, with several long strands of pearls and boas. And when I say long, I mean looooong! Since Beverly herself measures seven football fields long (or fifteen baseball diamonds), she needs the pearls and boas to be long, or else you would barely notice them, which defeats the purpose of such lovely accoutrements. She has her boas custom-made by Arnie the Smilin’ Sasquatch, and one boa is the length of the city of Duluth, Minnesota.
Beverly lives in Lake Skeerie in the heart of Skull Island, after spending twelve dreadful years skulking about a pond in Springfield, Missouri, which was too small to accommodate her, and was surrounded by a disheartening population of folks who were frightened to death of her. Once word of this spread to noted monster anthropologist Bananas Foster, he made arrangements to relocate her to a more friendly and roomier environment. And she’s been an integral part of the community since.
If you venture to Skull Island, try to come in May, when Beverly has her Annual Chicken Pot Pie party. Seriously, her chicken pot pies are the stuff of legend, made with ingredients only she has access to from the depths of the lake. She has a spacious cave with plenty of comfy chairs and a grand piano, and a little alcove that makes a perfect performance space. The rule is, she provides the food, and all who come (via a short and entertaining little scuba dive) are required to provide entertainment. This could be telling a story, singing a song, juggling, dancing, reciting a poem, or knitting socks in record time. And everyone is welcome, so don’t be stranger!

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