The thud landing knocked the wind out of him, but it didn’t hurt as much as Henry had anticipated. The ground was soft, almost rubbery, and Henry realized it was made of clay, as Slim had mentioned clay was one of the main elements of the Clokeysphere. But where was Slim? “Slim!” Henry cried out into the darkness. He expected Slim to appear behind him with burning coals in his eyes, but instead he heard a low grunt. Then, a torch was lit and brandished about fifteen feet above Henry, and he saw the biggest and scariest creature he had ever seen!

The Cyclops was dark green and scaly, and it had dark red claws the size of Henry’s arms on its hands and feet. It had sharp red spikes all along its spine like a stegosaurus, and when it looked down at him and growled, it revealed yellow teeth that looked like they could snap Henry into a hundred little pieces. As it was a cyclops, the Cyclops had one eye, with a big black pupil in the center which dilated when the torch swung near the monster’s face and then grew larger as it peered down at him. Henry, understandably, screamed. He tried to run and hide, but the rubbery ground didn’t allow him any traction to move. It was like trying to run in water.

“Henry!” a familiar voice shouted from above. Henry looked up and saw long and sharp fangs hanging from the ceiling. Only they weren’t fangs, they were stalactites. And hanging from one of them was Slim. If the Cyclops was fifteen feet high, these were at least twice that. But Slim began to gesture upward with his free hand, shouting, “Jump! Jump!” Henry looked at him as if he were crazy, but then considered the Space Sharks and the Fire Trees. Then, he noticed the Cyclops’ hand closing in on him, and decided to try jumping.

He shot up like a rocket! Closing his eyes, he reached out and felt a stalactite, and hugged it. The Cyclops roared and swung his torch at Henry, but he was too far away. Henry noticed a chain around the wrist of the Cyclops and then saw identical chains around his ankles. So he couldn’t jump after them. “Follow me, Henry!” Slim shouted as he swung past, grabbing onto stalactites as he headed toward a small opening in the wall. Henry followed, and they both leapt, one after the other, through the small opening about the size of an air vent. They had to really squeeze to get through, but they made it. Henry started to wonder how they were going to get back once they found the treasure.

Then he saw the treasure chest.

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