Did you see that title? Big news is right! How big is it? It’s so big that I will need your help with it. Who’s you? Why, you are, of course! Let me clarify this.

I have been working on some exciting new storytelling technology which I have dubbed, “You Draw It.” As necessity is the mother of invention, this was born out of a necessary, but missing, element of a particular story I was working on. It’s an exciting tale, told in seven parts, which will be posted serially on this very website! However, there is one element I need to make this story perfect, which is pictures. This is where the exciting new storytelling technology comes in. You Draw It is so simple, it’s a wonder no one has ever conceived of it before. What I need from you, dear readers, are illustrations for my story. You can post links for them in the comments, and I will post them to this very site, with your permission.

I have faith that this little experiment will work, but I do need your help. Please provide illustrations for my story (coming very soon!) and we will together prove that I am right. And how nice will that feel for all of us? Very nice indeed.

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