DAY ONE

We arrived at the Arctic, our plane dropped from the sky

like a pinecone, then Jackie, Bananas and I

lit a fire and had a dinner of pumpkin pie

and decided we should probably set up camp.

We traded stories of monsters and foes,

Jackie relayed how she lost her big toes,

Bananas knew a snake which smelled like a rose,

And I told of the haunted street lamp.

Then we all decided it was time for bed,

I had visions of Yeti abound in my head,

I knew we’d be going where few had tread,

but I’d handle it like a champ.         


We awoke with the sun in the sky like a peach,

And pretended the tundra was one giant beach

where the sand had been treated by some cooling bleach

And we needn’t have brought a beach towel.

As we trudged through the snow for most of the day

Bananas assured us we weren’t lead astray

His map would indeed show us the right way

Though Jackie and I tried hard not to scowl.

It’s not that we felt it was a wild goose chase

We just wished we could go faster, pick up the pace

But of course it was hard to show this on my face,

But that was when we all heard the growl.         


We all awoke with a jump and a start

I could feel all my veins pumping blood from my heart

But my friends were both there so were not apart,

And together we could break free.

But the Yeti appeared and indeed was tear-streaked

he was sad and lonely which was why his eyes leaked

Anyone he had tried to befriend he had freaked

like a cheese hater fleeing from Brie.

We listened and apologized for being so scared,

We had fainted when the Yeti’s fangs had been bared

But he meant us no harm and to show that we cared

We stayed over for cookies and tea.         


As we made our back to our camp, arms entwined,

we invited our new friend, but he declined

stating he was afraid of frightening mankind,

as prior encounters portended.

We insisted that he wouldn’t find that the case,

we could prove it to him and the whole human race

that if they looked beyond the fangs and hairy face

they’d find someone easily befriended.

He was unsure so we gave him some time to think

and we left him with promises to be back in a wink

and bring snacks for eating and cocoa to drink,

but for now the expedition had ended.         


If you decide to seek out the Tear-Streaked Yeti,

Just head to the Arctic where you’ll rarely be sweaty

and don’t be alarmed by the fellow we’ve metty

Just bring him a scone from us three.

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