I never claimed I was an all-perfect ghost,

It’s not in my phantasmal nature to boast.

But never have I felt such a sense of remorse

As when I accidentally haunted a horse.

It really, truly was an honest mistake,

But my spirit friends all act like it was an earthquake.

Yes, I understand why they grumble and grouse,

I intended to haunt a spooky old house.

If you think about it, my unintentional gaffe

Would make you guffaw, chuckle and belly-laugh.

The reason I did not haunt my chosen dwelling

Is all the result of an unlucky misspelling.

The house I had chosen vast, dark and damp,

The horse I ended up in gave my neck a cramp.

Plus, my ghost reputation is forever sullied,

Since instead of a house I reside in a steed.

My boss was unsure what punishment to give,

He decided it seemed like I was where I live.

I agree and find his words are awfully astute,

I live in- and feel like- a horse’s patoot!

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