“Sweet, sweet, Josephine Christmas Tree!” cried the lamenting lady of the massive manor, from her boudoir bed. “I have just had the most confounding of frightening nightmares, and it appears to have frisked away the most essential self-referring mention from my memory! I have completely forgotten my name! Who am I? To what label do I answer? How do I sign my autograph? I may never know again, and live out my days nameless, without identity! Oh, woe, oh anguish, oh anxiety, oh distress, oh misery, oh sorrow, oh synonym for sadness! I must drown my blue funk in buttermilk pancakes forthwith. Margarina!” She called for her maid to provide the pancakes with which to drown her despair.

“Yes, Miss Walinda Fervent?” Margarina asked as she entered the room of Walinda Fervent.

“Walinda Fervent, that is my name! Oh, Margarina, you have solved the uncrackable case! Oh joy, oh bliss, oh felicity, oh joviality, oh merriment, oh jubilation, oh other words for happiness! I must celebrate this serendipity with buttermilk pancakes forthwith.”

And so ends another Twenty Second Mystery. Join us next time for the Somewhat Shoe-Like Scent Stumper.

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