“Oh, my sky-twinklers and sock holder-uppers!” wailed Walinda Fervent from her cozy cubical craft corner high in her Hobby Hutch Room of her massive millionaire mansion overlooking her lavish lawn. “My Minuscule Thimble! My most prized of prized possessions I possess! The most cared-of keepsake in my crafty collection! Missing! Lost! Snatched! Disappeared! Vamoosed! Vanished! Purloined! Am-scrayed! Scrambled away! And what’s more, it’s gone! Not here! Where could it have gone? Who would be so dastardly, so devious, so underhanded, so criminal, so villainous, so vile, so rude, crude, lewd, shrewd, and unglued as to steal from me, an angelic innocent wealthy dowager? Was it my sly sister Sue-Ellen? Mayhaps my maid Margarina? Or the brutish butler Banacek?” She hoist her eyeballs to the heavens, crying crazily, “Where has it gone? Where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where could it have- oh, there it is. It was under my prized Thimble of Average Size all along. Phew! Relief!”

And so ends another Twenty Second Mystery. Join us next time for the Mystical Misplacement of Car Keys.

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